Episode 9. Trigger-warning alarm: culture, mass immigration and reforms in Islam (with Nakul Gote)

In this second episode with Nakul Gote we could not catch a break. The argument starts right off the bat and simply refused to subside. We thought that starting by attempting to define “Culture” would be a rather terse beginning. How naive and wrong we were. From then, things kept on ramping up. We talked about the challenges and downsides of cultural mixing when immigration occurs at an unusually high rate. This is an incredibly relevant issue since it has shaped the politics and social landscape of Europe (particularly of Germany) in recent years due to the spike in immigration coming from the Middle East and North Africa. Then, because apparently we love to walk the tightrope, we delved into one of the most controversial debates of our times: Does Islam need a reformation? Is it even plausible? Do the histories of Christianity and Judaism offer hopes or do they rather emphasize the differences that could make Islam’s reformation an exceptionally tougher project? If you are up for some triggering, then…

Watch here or Listen here

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