Episode 9 1/2. Should there be limits to speech? (with Nakul Gote)

This is the last part of a series of conversations with Nakul Gote and we could rightly say that some of the best topics were saved for last. The conversation starts pretty much where the last one ended, that is, with Islam and the prospects of its reformation. Nevertheless it quickly became a much broader discussion about free speech and the all too prescient issue of “free exchange of ideas”. We played the role of devil’s advocates to try to highlight the possible pitfalls into which free societies might fall if left totally to their own devices, that is, if they were constructed totally from the “bottom-up” and without intervention from the “top”. In the end, we agreed that free speech is undoubtedly one of the cornerstones upon which any society which considers itself “free” must be built upon. Thanks to Nakul Gote for this round of conversations!

“Watch” here or Listen here

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