Episode 13. Epigenetics, the link between nature and nurture (with Dr. Uddipta Biswas)

Dr. Uddipta Biswas joins us in this episode to add another chapter to the perennial Nature vs Nurture debate. This time, however, rather than trying to proclaim a definitive winner we expound on what might constitute the ultimate bridge between both: the relatively novel science of Epigenetics. As we hope it becomes clear, Nature and Nurture are not opposite sides in an irreconcilable dichotomy. They feed onto each other through intricately orchestrated biochemical mechanisms, some of which have been elucidated thanks to large scale real life tragedies such as the “Dutch hunger winter” or the seasonal Overkalix famines. Oversimplifying a little, nature predisposes and Nurture enhances (or frustrates). So, can we all become Einsteins, Eulers, Gausses given the right nurturing? It is not that simple…

Listen here or Watch here

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