About the Show


Curiosity generated Till The Bottom and the need to satisfy it is its driving force. For better or worse, curiosity does not need expertise credentials to sneak its head everywhere. However, pure unbridled curiosity can quickly take us into the territory of myth and pseudo-knowledge and that is the last place we want to visit.

This is a space where episode after episode we will try to find a balance between informal conversation and formal argumentation. A space where time and time again we will try to use solid knowledge as a springboard to dive into careful speculation. And, most importantly, a place where we won’t hesitate to invite experts and curious minds to try to reach depths that we couldn’t have reached on our own.

If this sounds like a vague description of the kind of stuff that appeals to you, then, join us as we dig into topics ranging from religion to skepticism, from culture to biology, from ethics to tribalism.

Welcome to this unapologetically opinionated podcast where “taboo” is the only taboo concept!